Fell ‘n’ Back Race Series 2021

Fell’n’ Back MapRun events can be completed at any time and use GPS location services on an Android or Apple phone. Watches capable of recording a track and producing a .gpx or .fit file can also be used. There are three events in the series, they can be run in any order and as many times as you want to.


You may run as individuals or in small groups but your result will only count towards the race series if you have entered through Fabian4

Men: under 20, Senior 20+, Veteran Over 40+, MVO50+, MVO60+
Women: under 20, Senior 20+, Veteran Over 40+, WVO50+, WVO60+

Where a runner is under 18 they must be accompanied by an adult over 21 who has been appointed by their parent or guardian). The minimum age for the junior runner is 14. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that this rule is adhered to.

A competitor’s age class is determined by their age on 31/12/2021.

Rules and Kit Requirements

For all events you MUST wear or carry the FRA Mandatory Minimum Kit of; waterproof whole body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood), hat, gloves, map of the route (provided), compass, whistle and emergency food. In addition, you must also carry a survival bag. (Bag not blanket)

If the weather is poor we recommend that additional equipment is carried. In the event of hot weather bring sun hat, sun cream and plenty of fluids!

The event is not marshalled nor are there any way markers on the course. All runners must carry the appropriate map and be able to effectively use it. Tell friends or family the route that you plan to run and inform them when you have safely finished. They should be instructed to call for help (call 999 and ask for Police, then Mountain Rescue) if you do not return as planned.

GPS Policy

The use of GPS devices or watches for navigation, measurement of distance or altitude is NOT allowed. Tracking on GPS watches for post race analysis is allowed.

Fell ‘n’ Back Terms and Conditions

1. I accept the following terms for my own entry. I also accept the terms on behalf of any other participants I am entering in this event, all of whom have been provided with a copy of these terms and accept them.
2. I consent to publication of my name, club, race category, race number, finishing time and race position in race pre-entry and results lists.
Participant Statement
3. I understand that this is an unsupported MapRun activity and that I am responsible for my own safety and determining whether I have the skills, equipment and fitness necessary to participate.
4. I am entering and running this activity at my own risk and neither Explorer Events, Buxton Mountain Rescue Team or the land owners shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage of any nature to me or my property arising out of participation in this activity.
5. I accept the hazards inherent in fell running and understand that this is an unsupported activity where I must be self-sufficient and responsible for my safety at all times.
6. I will make sure that someone else is aware of my planned route and my intended start and finish time, and I will let them know when I have safely finished.
7. I will remain on public rights of way and open access areas only.
8. I will not climb over stone walls or fences and will not cross out of bounds areas marked with purple lines.
9. I will carry the FRA minimum kit consisting of waterproof whole-body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood), hat, gloves, map of the route, compass, whistle and emergency food
10. I understand that juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 20 years.
11. I will follow the Government’s Coronavirus rules and regulations for the area in which I live.
Minimum age for solo entry is 18 years old on the day of the event, or 14 years old if partnered by their parent or a guardian who is aged 21 years or more.