2019 Series

Peak Raid 3 is a series of four; three-hour navigation events (long score orienteering events) with your best three results counting in the overall league.

The events use a variety of terrain; from tough moorland requiring accurate navigation to more runnable areas with a good network of footpaths.

All events have a score format so you can select your own route and go as hard or easy as you like!

Flexible team size, run solo or as a pair.

Round 1 of 4 – Sunday 3rd November


Round 2 of 4 –  Sunday 1st December

Great Longstone

Round 3 of 4 – Sunday 15th December


Round 4 of 4 – Sunday 12th January


Entry Details

For all events you can enter as a solo competitor or as a pair.

Entry fees are £18 per person and £36 per pair.

All entries include a contribution to the Peak Park Access Fund.

If you don’t have your own SI Card, you may hire one for £2.50 per person.

Age category is determined by your age on the day of the first race in the series. For pairs, the age category is based upon the age of the oldest runner.

The minimum age is 14 years and runners under 18 must run with a parent or guardian who is 20+ years old. Please note: special FRA rules apply and the number of controls available may be limited to stay within these rules

The closing date for entries is midnight on the Sunday prior to each event.

There may be a number of entries available on the day- you MUST contact info@explorerevents.co.uk if you wish to enter this way. Entry cannot be guaranteed after the closing date.

Peak Raid 3

Peak Raid 2015 | Round 4 | Crowden

RESULTS Crowden 2015 – Results by Class Crowden 2015 – Results Overall Crowden 2015 – Split Time Results Routegadget – Crowden

Peak Raid 3

Peak Raid 2015 | Round 3 | Grindleford

RESULTS Grindleford – Split Time Results Grindleford – Overall Results Routegadget – Grindleford

Peak Raid 3

Peak Raid 2015 | Round 2 | Glossop

RESULTS Glossop 2015 – Overall Results Glossop 2015 – Split Time Results Routegadget – Glossop 

Peak Raid 3

Peak Raid 2015 | Round 1 | Edale

RESULTS Edale 2015 – Split Time Results Edale 2015 – Overall Results Edale 2015 – Results by class Routegadget – Edale

Peak Raid 3

Peak Raid 2014 | Round 4 | Crowden

RESULTS Crowden 2014 – Overall Results (control box 113 and 112 were transposed. The points are corrected) Crowden 2014 – Results by Class Crowden 2014 – Split Time Results