On the Day

Registration opens at 8am and you can start at any time between 9:00am and 10:00am.

The courses close at 1:20pm and after this time all points will be lost. Make sure you are back on time!

PLEASE DO NOT START without first registering and then passing the start official and dibbing in the check timing box.

Results and Awards

There will be prizes for the overall series. Best 3 out of 4 scores to count. Event results will be up on the website shortly after the event.

There will be prizes for:

  • the first three overall highest scoring males and females
  • each category winner

If two or more runners share the same score after the last race, then the winner is the person who scored the highest in the last race of the series. Should there still be a tie, then it is the runner with the shortest overall time (of 3 races) who wins.