Round 3 of the Peak Raid Series 2017 | Old Glossop

November 19th. The third round of the 2017 Peak Raid series sees you returning to the back of Bleaklow. This is classic mountain marathon territory. You will be using the Scout Hut in Old Glossop as a base and your car parking will be on the quiet streets around Old Glossop, particularly the industrial Shepley Street

Entries will open on May 31st via the Fabian 4 website

The Area

There is some new restoration work on the moor which will affect the area you can use but it should still make for a classic event. Remember last year it snowed on this area so you should come prepared as you never know. It is amazing how even a thin layer of white, spread across a landscape, can alter how you find tracks or navigate across slopes.

This is a tough area but the views are amazing if you can get high and the cloud isn’t down to meet you!


For all events you can enter as a solo or a pair.

Entries are for each event are £11 pp if you enter before August, £13 pp in August then £15 pp from September and £17 pp on the day.

Important: Please note there is an additional £2 per person ‘donation’ to the Peak Park added to each entry

There is no series discount or pairs discount. We have kept the entry fee down for everyone, particularly if they enter early.