Using MapRun on Your Phone – Download MapRun

Peak Raid Anytime 2024 uses MapRun (Version 7.3.2)

We recommend deleting previous versions of MapRun and downloading the latest version.

MapRun (v7) is available to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Once installed, you need to enter a small amount of personal information – name and so on – to identify yourself in the results system. You should also check that your phone settings are correctly set up.

A quick start guide for new users can be found here

Guidance on phone setting information can be found here.

Using MapRun on Your Garmin Watch – Download MapRunG

Here is a video of MapRunG in action – made by Mark Clews from POTOC

Details of how to set up a Garmin watch can be found here.

Running with a Smart Watch

You can run with just a smart watch and upload your .gpx file here.

The downside of this is you don’t get a reassuring ‘beep’ as you pass through a control. Once uploaded MapRun will analyse your track and award points for all of the controls passed through.

Send us your .gpx file or .fit file to info@explorerevents, together with your name and your year of birth and we will upload your track and results for you.

It is reasonably straightforward to download a .gpx file from Strava or Garmin Connect and upload it yourself. Remember to rename the file with your name. For example: Billy Whizz.gpx

Also, make sure that you deselect controls recorded twice. Punch tolerance should be set to 20m.

Quick Start Guidance – Fully Charge Your Phone!

1. Download and open the MapRun app.

2. Enter your personal details – to be used with your results. (Note: YEAR of birth not date of birth)

3. Tap Select Event and browse to the event you are looking for. For Peak Raid events select the folders UK/Derbyshire/Peak Raid/then…

4. Select the event. Best to do this at home where you have a good data signal.

5. Select Go to Start to see the map and course.

6. Get ready – as soon as you approach and pass through the start triangle the phone will notify you with a ‘beep’ to signal – you have started.

7. The start, controls and finish will all ‘beep’ and change from red to green when registered.

8. There are no markers in place at control points but your phone gps will confirm each site has been visited with a sound notification.

9. Results are uploaded automatically when you pass through the finish.

10. Wearing an armband to carry your phone works well.

11. Having a paper map is preferred by many but is not essential. It is possible to navigate using your phone only.

12. The control circle has a 20m radius (40m in diameter). The GPS/phone may not respond as rapidly as SportIdent dibbers. When testing we have found that it is best to carry your phone high on your body. An arm band works well. If any control points fail to respond please contact us. We can look at the tracking and the control and points can be allocated manually.

13. Make sure your phone is fully charged!

Any questions please email: 

GPS Problems – some suggestions to try:

If you see straight lines in a GPS track, check that you are allowing MapRun to run in the background. Otherwise, when your phone screen blanks, MapRun is not allowed to run and so no tracking occurs until you wake the phone up and then you get a straight line joining the two end points of the “sleep”.

The other thing can be, that MapRun uses the “fused location” service which allows the phone to determine locations based on GPS, known wifi network locations and cellular towers. If these settings get messed up, you can find your location jumping erratically to some fixed point on the map (an apparently “random” point).


  • An introduction for new users can be found here.
  • Check the Android/iOS settings to ensure MapRun6 can run in the background.
  • Check battery saver settings which might impact the GPS.
  • Try a run with wifi and cellular turned off.
  • On Android, consider using an app like “Test GPS” to reset your A-GPS settings.
  • Try downloading an app called GPS Connected which will help to keep your gps locked – remember to turn on before you run and off after your run.
  • Check out the excellent GPS Troubleshooting Guide courtesy of Potteries Orienteering Club.
  • Trouble shooting GPS Issues can be found here

Finally – have fun and any question please get in touch: